TRAK Dance Ensemble was founded by the Mexican dancer Hector Palacios year 2016, in Salzburg Austria. Palacios is now the artistic director and is one out of many choreographers connected to the company.

It started as an idea of merging different artists of different fields together creating a platform for artistic exchange. A wish to curate projects that would play a big role within the cultural scene in Salzburg, Austria, as well as internationally. The company consists of a wide range of international artists, and despite its young age already plays a great deal within the art scene of its birthplace.

The company's identity is built on the artists including choreographers involved, and every project aims for empathizing and developing the expression of these individuals, together. Enabling a platform where the individual expression becomes collective knowledge and challenges our perceptions. The company constantly works with redefining itself and is not necessarily interested in categorization. 


  Hector Palacios is dancer, choreograph and the founder of TRAK Dance Ensemble Salzburg Stella Blanc from Sweden is dancer choreograph and Co founder of TRAK Dance Ensemble SalzburgRyan Mason from California in the USA is dancer and Choreographer in the TRAK Dance Ensemble in Salzburg Monika Badke is responsable for marketing and Organisation for the TRAK Dance Ensemble in Salzburg Andreas Brandl is the Photographer for the TRAK Dance Ensemble in Salzburg








All of us in TRAK Dance Ensemble want to thank our sponsors and partners for their support. You make this project possible!

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